Liberace, Generous & Supportive

Liberace was by far the most generous entertainer I have ever met in my life. When I made my debut engagement in Las Vegas, while I was preparing in my dressing room on opening night there was a knock on the door and the stage manager handed me a small box gift wrapped. When I opened it I found a magnificent solid gold miniature piano ring, a gift from Liberace with a message wishing me all the luck in the world. Set into the lid of the piano were twenty one diamonds, one for each night of my three week Vegas engagement. It was a stunning gift and ever since that evening I have worn Liberace's ring on stage and always make sure I show it to my audience and tell them the story behind it. I already knew about his generosity from Marti Kane. When she won the New Faces TV talent contest, part of her prize was a weeks engagement in Las Vegas. When she arrived in Las Vegas she was naturally very apprehensive because she was a complete unknown in America. When she arrived at her dressing room and opened the door she was greeted by wall to wall flowers. In fact she had a job to move, there were so many. They had been sent by Liberace. He knew exactly how she would be feeling and just wanted her to know that he and everyone else was behind her and thinking about her. It was such a kind and thoughtful gesture.