Valentino - King Of The Music

"Valentino is the world's greatest keyboard entertainer" London Evening News

Valentino King of The Music - Reflections


 “No two weeks are ever the same in this business. One week I would be doing a performance at the London Palladium and the next week I’d be working for the government entertaining the R.A.F. on the tiny island of Gan in the Indian Ocean. I’ve worked in a circus ring, on an aircraft carrier, on the front line for troops in Oman, in a boxing ring and even in a field but the most unusual gig was when I worked for the United Nations entertaining the troops in the Congo in Africa. All the cinemas and theatres had been burned down or looted so the only place to do the show was on out in the open on a runway with the troops sitting on the ground while we did our show under the wing of an aeroplane to shade us from the sun“.

“But no matter where the venue is all that matters is playing my music and making people happy. The largest audience I have ever worked to was during a tour of Canada when I worked the Maple Leaf Gardens to 23,000 people. The smallest audience was when a Saudi prince booked me to perform my show just for him. He had seen me on the TV show Blue Peter demonstrating one of my latest electric accordion and telephoned the B.B.C. after the show to ask to speak to me. It was the weirdest thing, just him sitting there and me doing a one and three quarter hour show for him. As it happened it went really well, and was a financial pleasure as they say!. I told this story once to Liberace and he said he had a similar experience before he was famous. He was working in a small hotel playing piano in the lounge bar when a TV producer came to see him work. As luck would have it there were just two people in the audience that night. Lee thought it would be a disaster but afterwards the producer offered him his own TV series. He explained that the average TV viewer was just one or two people sitting at home in a bed-sit watching the television. So if you could come across to just one or two people successfully then you had what it takes to entertain the whole world.”

 When asked by the radio interviewer what his ambition was Valentino replied: “My ambition is always to have ambition”. 



The London Evening News hailed him as “The world’s greatest keyboard entertainer”, “Liberace with a Guinness flavour”, and Tommy Kane of the Stage and Television To-Day wrote “One of the greatest thrills for any critic is to witness an entertainer who is supreme at his or her craft. Such an entertainer is Valentino”. After his one man show in Las Vegas he was hailed by the Vegas press as the “King of the Music”, a title he has used ever since for his one-man show. 



VALENTINO’S recordings include: Around The World With Valentino; Contrasts (Pye records); Valentino (E.M.I): The Cordovox Magic Of Valentino (E.M.I.): The Best Of Valentino; The Valentino Show: Anniversary; To The One I Love; Valentino – King of The Music Live in Las Vegas.


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