Valentino - King Of The Music

"Valentino is the world's greatest keyboard entertainer" London Evening News

The Stage & Television To-Day


One of the greatest pleasures for any critic is to witness an artist supreme at his or her craft. Such an artist is Valentino - a magical musician whose experiments over the years with that remarkable instrument the Cordovox have resulted in his ability to transport spellbound audiences to a rainbow-coloured never-never land of musical fantasies. Last Friday at The Starlight Rooms he played….and howling winds tore at “Ghost Riders In The Sky”…Orchestral strings swept upwards to an exciting pitch…..and changed miraculously into a sad cat chorus by a back alley choir….mandolins in the moonlight became dam-busting bombers with engines emitting deep, triumphant throbs. Hawaiian guitars serenaded, and the sounds swelled themselves into crashing chords from mighty organs….and yet in the tender treatment of the theme from Love Story, Valentino emphasised that in his hands the Cordovox cannot ever be dismissed as a gimmick and a box of tricks. A world-travelled performer (recently returned from a South American tour) and with several LP albums in circulation, Valentino is also a pianist of the highest order and one who can offer his music in a serious vein. As he revealed when he turned his attention to the grand piano to play a medley of passages from the classics combined with a sprinkling of light music. His fine fluency, touch, and interpretation gave rise to a concentrated silence, as though none dared breathe lest a note be disturbed. Valentino’s final flourish was the last dot in keeping with his overall presentation of handsome elegance, and brought a crowd of admiring females in search of him following the performance. They found an artist who remains at heart rather shy and one who is totally dedicated to his work

 Tommy Kane, music critic for The Stage & Television To-Day 1975.

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